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I'm so glad you are here, my name is Orly and I am a wife and mom of two beautiful children. I am also a spiritual medium and the founder of Lara & Lou. Growing up, I moved around a lot, living in two different countries and multiple homes. With each new house, I realized that it’s possible to make a home wherever you are. You create your world and all it takes is a little bit of intention and a whole lot of love to create a place where you feel at ease, comfort and belonging. 

When we moved to LA I had to turn our house into a home and started looking for beautiful, one-of-a-kind handmade items from countries around the globe, each a reflection of the culture and traditional craftsmanship. 

I have always been fascinated with heritage and wanted to find items that tell a story, traditions kept alive, woven deep within the work, passed down from generation to generation. I was also looking to start something new after having our second child, Lara. I thought, why not share what I have found with others while doing what I love. 

Once the shop opened, I had a new understanding, a need, to not only offer physical products but spiritual tools and guidance as well to help you connect with your inner knowing, your higher self, to help you come home to who you truly are.

And so with the hope of supporting artisans & keeping traditions alive as well as creating items that can support your own spiritual journey, Lara & Lou was born.

Inspired by global heritage and wanderlust and handpicked from countries around the world, each product you’ll find possesses an energy that will help bring your home to life. There’s a spark of magic behind everything you see - and that’s exactly why they’re here.

Here at Lara & Lou, I hope to help you tend to your own spirit as well as the life of your home, one beautiful item at a time.

Intentional and thoughtful, my vision for Lara & Lou is to help you create your world with a collection of unique items. 

If you have any questions, please feel free to send me a message.
Much Love,
Orly (Lara & Lou xoxox)