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Tips & Tricks when Styling Your Space

Decorating a space can be alot of fun but can also get overwhelming. Decisions need to be made and we don't always know exactly how to put all of our ideas together.

For this reason, I was so very excited to chat with Stacy Fisher @Babe&Bungalow. Stacy is a wonderful online interior designer who creates detailed plans to organize and style any space. Her approach to decorating is extremely insightful and it was just a joy to hear her thoughts on the process. 

I hope this conversation ignites your styling ideas.


What is your suggestion on where to start if you want to re-decorate or freshen up a space? What are some initial questions you ask? 
It’s important to start with a fresh slate whenever possible. Declutter the space and give it a deep clean, top to bottom. Then envision how you will use this space, how do you want to feel here? 
Let go of anything that doesn’t fit that vision. Then layer in texture, play with color, add life with natural light and plants, and mix in handmade details. Remember to have fun with it!
What is a tip you can share to help make things look cohesive... We might like something we see in a store or at a friend's house, but how do you go about deciding which items will actually go in your space?
Think of your favorite piece of decor or furniture that you currently own, or a part of your home that you’re really happy with, proud of, or that feels complete in some way. Then imagine this new item you’re unsure about alongside your existing situation at home. 
Does it have the same vibe? Similar colors? Does it feel like it would compliment your space or would it compete for attention? If you instantly love it, chances are it is a representation of your style and will most likely work with your space, but keeping a point of reference can be helpful when in doubt.

When decorating a room, what are some essentials you feel make the difference in creating a peaceful place?
I approach every project with the same ultimate goal in mind - to create a peaceful space that feels like home - and I start by taking all five senses into consideration. For example, a bathroom might include:
Sight - Natural light, calming colors, clean and uncluttered
Sound - Nature sounds, running water, music of your choice
Smell - Fresh air, windows open, plants/flowers, essential oil diffusers, candles
Touch - Soft textures (quality towels, bathmat, soaps, etc.) and earthy natural elements (wood/bamboo details, stone/tile, water, leafy plants)
Taste - Beverage of choice in hand ;)

It is always beautiful to see a shelf or nook with clean design, where do you suggest to store items that may not be pretty to the eye or give a feeling of clutter (like too many books on a book shelf). Any tips on how to decide which items to put on display and which not? Or any fun solutions?
As a minimalist at heart, I always encourage clients to shop their homes before buying new decor. Keep your favorite books, framed photos, and memories on display, but be picky about what makes the cut! This is the good stuff that makes YOUR house a home, so let it shine by concealing the clutter/not-so-pretty items in woven baskets, cute bowls, boxes or trays. Keep it all looking intentional by repeating the same colors, textures, and shapes. Then balance everything by sprinkling in a plant or two (or 5!).

Any suggestions when it comes to styling items?

In regards to styling, I like to work with odd numbers, usually in groups of three (something tall, something wide, and something organic). First I'll play with size, maybe pair a tall candle with a small stack of books. Then I'll make it interesting by adding something more sculptural, like an asymmetrical vase or handmade ceramics (plants/flowers are a plus, but not always necessary). I find it helps to include a mix of textures, shapes, and a touch of nature in any styling moment.

What is your suggestion to someone if they don't know what their style is or have many different tastes in terms of styles? 

If you're having a tough time narrowing down your decor style, take note of what catches your eye online, in books, other people's homes, anywhere really. It might even be a pattern from a dress you like.

Pin it, snap a pic, write it down, whatever. Collect enough ideas and images, and you will begin to notice some kind of theme. Avoid totally copying the look, but instead find little ways to sprinkle it into your space. Make it your own ✨

By focusing on the aesthetic that truly draws you in and being more intentional with what you choose to bring into your home, your unique style will inevitably reveal itself. Take your time and have fun with this, you'll learn so much about yourself in the process!

For more styling tips and tricks or to book a free call with Stacy, press here.

Feel free to write any questions in the comment section below & I hope to always provide a source that assists you in creating YOUR world!



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